East Region: Traffickers of Human Parts Apprehended

Twenty five year old A Liou Youssoufa and 20 year old Bachirou Idrissou have been arrested with a bag of human parts in their keeping.

They were arrested recently by Forces of the Gendarmerie at Garoua Boulai in the East Region.

The two suspects told the Gendarmerie that they received a call from two unknown persons requesting human bones in return of 7million Frs CFA.

Motivated by the heavy package, they proceeded to the grave yard in search of the bones.

Unfortunately for them, an unlooker uncovered their plans and alerted the Gendarmerie Forces who immediately embarked on a search mission and the traffickers were arrested.

The Gendarmerie Brigarde Commander of Garoua Boulai Ousseni Gomse, revealed that it is also thanks to a network of Gendarmes of the Littoral and those of the East Region that they were successful in the investigation.

He equally mentioned that for the past few years the quest for human parts in the East Region has been so rampered so much so that many graves have been demolished.

Irene Mbang Tata

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