ELECAM: Director General Launches 2018 Electoral Revision Register

The Director General of Elections Cameroon Abdoulaye Babale this Wednesday 3rd January 2018 has officially presided the launching of the operations for the 2018 Revision Electoral Register beginning from 10 a.m.

The official launch took the ELECAM boss to the ELECAM Regional Delegation in Yaounde Nlongkak, the Governor’s Office, and three ELECAM branches, situated in Nlongkak, Efoulan, Biyemassi, under Yaounde 2, 3 and 6 Councils.

While officially launching the 2018 Revision of Electoral Register, the Director General underscored the importance of carrying out the electoral registration.

To him, the year 2018 is of greater importance given that Cameroonians will have to be led several times to the poll, to elect their leaders at the level of executive, parliamentary and decentralized local Authorities.

The revision of the electoral registers which started this Tuesday 2nd January 2018 will involve Cameroonians Aged 20 and above.

The revision which is conducted every year till August 31st  will be exceptional for 2018 given that it is the election year. Registration this 2018 shall be closed once the electorate is convened to the poll.

Cameroonians have therefore been called to turn out massively for this years registration before they are hooked up by time.

Irene Mbang Tata

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