Launch of 2018 Sporting Season: why the delay?

Sports Federations in Cameroon have until 31st March 2018 to submit their rundown of the activities and their action plan for the new sports season.

This order from the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Bidoung Mpkatt, indicates that the proposed calendar of activities from the over forty recognised sporting federations must be submitted within a timeline, starting 20th January to the 31st March 2018.

The order is intended to create time for follow-up and evaluation of the sporting activities in the country.

According to the circular, the Minister notes that the calendar of activities from the various sporting federations will help clamp down ghost federations and ensure transparency.

With all these debates on the delays of the calendar of activities for the 2018 sporting season, sports lovers have been pondering while there must always be delays every time.

In the wake of all these, the President of the Cameroon Professional League, Colonel Pierre Semengue has responded to some worries from press men on women on the when the sporting season will be officially launched.

First things first, Pierre Semengue advances several reasons that have hindered the launch of the 2018  sporting season within the Elite One and Elite two championships.

According to him, local league games were due to kick off 3rd December 2017 but the competent authorities and the partners cried foul to the delays in the execution of budget making it difficult for the Professional Football League (LFPC) to roll on.

The President blames FECAFOOT for the lofty paper works and the exaggerated requirements to be fulfilled by the various league 1 and 2 clubs which has played in the disfavour of the federation.

As at now, the LFPC boss says only five teams have been able to meet up with the demands of FECAFOOT.

On the technical aspect, some clubs are still to present a soccer ground that will meet FECAFOOT standards before a licence is issued out for the club in question to continue its registration process.

Another reason put up by Pierre Semengue for the delay can be attributed to the laxity on the part of the sponsors and the difficulty in acquiring a Memorandum of Understanding by the clubs.

The suspension levied on the President charged with the coordination of referees has deferred the creation of the commission to carter for referees at the LFPC.

Even though CAF has instructed member countries to update its calendar of activities for the news sporting season, Cameroon is not certain when hers will be ready.

In line with CAF’s regulations, the end of the sporting season should be marked every September in member countries, a case that has been barely respected by Cameroon.

At the moment a good number of countries are almost done with the regulations of CAF in line with the calendar of activities for the 2018 Sporting season.

Sports movements in Cameroon have for a long time been crippled due to finance and ego that has greatly affected the growth of sports in the country, reason why

The CAF Championship starts 10th February 2018 but with all these constraints it is obvious that the teams to represent Cameroon have been trapped in this obvious cobweb.

After putting an end to the 2017 sporting season two months ago, many are still to even know when the next season will be launched in Cameroon.

With all these and many more, the sporting season in Cameroon is still be launched but when? That is the question in every lip.

Many federations are working on a snail pace probably due to the financial and administrative requirements to be fulfilled at the FECAFOOT office.


Benly Anchunda






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