Higher Education: Garoua Faculty of medcine opens up to potentiel students

Thousands of candidates nationwide began writing the entrance examination into the Faculty of Medecines and Biomedical science

The first ever session that began Monday 29th January 2018 has been organised by the University of Garoua.

Examination centres have been set up nationwide under strict supervision of Higher Education officials with the forces of law and order assuring the security of all the actors.

Candidates were grouped in different halls following the alphabetical order of their names.

To guarantee transperency, no documents nor phones except ID cards were allowed in the hall.

But the bulk of candidates are in the northern regions of the country.

In the North Region for example, over 1000 candidates sat in for the examination. They were grouped in nineteen halls at the Lycée Classic Mondial.

The North Regional Governor Jean Abate Edi’i who visited the centre expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the examination and praised both the students and invigilators.

Irene Mbang Tata

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