2018 JERSIC: Cameroonian youth recognised for excellence

The sixth edition of the Week of Excellence of Scientific Research and Innovation, JERSIC has ended with ground breaking innovations served to the public.

The Head of State’s Grand Prize dubbed “Lion d’Or” of Excellence in Scientific Research and Innovation worth 10 million CFAF was won by Zuo Bruno from Silicon Mountain, Buea.

His award-winning app, “Zoomed” addresses and provides solutions to the problem of car theft.

Through the use of the Short Message Service, SMS, the user can retrieve a missing car without the regular internet based Global Positioning System, GPS.

The University of Dschang’s Centre for Support towards Technology, Innovation and Incubation (CATI2) won the Special Prize on Innovation by the Youth. The prize amounted to five million CFAF.

The Institution got the prize after producing incubators for premature babies.

As for the Special Prize from the Head of State for Valorisation for a young Cameroonian worth three million CFAF, it went to Anga Mukong Thaddeus for making table lamps from recycled old radios and television sets.

These prizes were given to recipients alongside the prizes of best senior and junior researchers at the end of the three-day JERSIC exhibition.

The Week of Excellence of Scientific Research and Innovation, JERSIC, first introduced in 2007 is presently a biennal event.

It has been instituted to bring to the spotlight research results and innovations .

Eleanor Ayuketah

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