2018 JERSIC: Innovation in agriculture, science and culture attract many

The courtyard of the Yaounde Town Hall is the exhibition ground for the 6th edition of the Week of Excellence of Scientific Research and Innovation in Cameroon, JERSIC.

Large agricultural machines placed at the entrance of the exhibition village, the aroma of coffee and tea and traditional outfits including other eye catching items on display tell the story of the great strides made in the domain of research and food processing in the country.

A major attraction of the 2018 JERSIC jamboree is a display of safety techniques in aircraft landing, demonstrated using wooden aircrafts and fire fighting vans.

Further right are electronic applications including solar panels amongst others.

Many visitors to the village are thrilled by the participation of other government institutions that add variety and give more weight to the exhibition.

The mounting of stands containing domestic animals being reared for food and as pets like fowls, goats, rabbits; the display of fish ponds bearing different specie of fish is indicative of how research and innovation can be the springboard of socio-economic advancement.

The exhibition is a forum for producers to display seedlings, wheat and grain used by farmers eager to demonstrate the richness of the soil.

Not only machines, agricultural produce, animal and fisheries have been put on display.

The organisers have made available books in various domains to explain some of the innovative processes being used by the exhibitors.


Locally made food and drinks have been interspersed on the exhibition ground to enable the visitor savour the riches of Cameroonian culinary skills.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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