Parliament: The Legislative arm of government begins first ordinary session for 2018

The first ordinary session for the 2018 Legislative year has kicked-off in the National Assembly and Senate.

The present session shall be highlighted by three important events:

– The swearing-in of the eleven oppointed members of the first ever Constitutional Council in Cameroon.

– The election of a new bureau in the National Assembly and Senate.

– The organisation of the Senate elections to take place on 25th March 2018.

A plenary session at Ngoa-Ekelle at 11am and Congress Hall at 4pm marked the solemn resumption of the National Assembly and Senate respectively.

Both ceremonies were attended by the Executive and Judicial arms of government and chaired by the eldest member of the House pending the election of bureau members.

At the National Assembly, Enow Tanjong, the eldest member of the House discussed a number of topical issues calling on his colleagues to close-in ranks.

In the strongest terms, he condemned the killing of security and law enforcement officials in the english speaking regions.

He invited all Cameroonians to register and take part in all elections slated in 2018, to give more credibility to the electoral process.

He also called on Cameroonians to mobilise for the success of the 2019 AFCON to be organised in Cameroon.

At the Conference Centre where the Senate met at 4pm, the eldest member of the House Nfon Victor E. Mukete, gave the keynote address.

The 100 year old Senator stated that the first ordinary session for the 2018 Legislative year comes at a very crucial period; a time when the House will be renewed as elections into the Senate come up on 25th March 2018.

He noted that much attention shall be placed on the campaign and elections.

While sending out good wishes to those who will not return to the Senate, Senator Victor Mukete prayed that all achievements registered during the first mandate be upheld.

Pamela Bidjocka

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