33rd Women’s Day: A peek into the backstage

It is ten am in Yaounde and the weather is warm but not sunny, at the May 20 Boulevard where women have gathered to march while celebrating the International Women’s Day, this 8th March 2018.

The wait seems long and by eleven am, some women resort to sit on the pavements along the road.

By 11:30am, the sun smiles down and its accompanying scorching heat makes the ladies scramble for any available liquid on sale.

The day is women’s day but it doesn’t exclude “girls” from the celebration as one could spot little girls dressed in the official fabric of the day.

Men also turned out to support the women at the May 20 Boulevard and most ended up carrying hand bags of those who had to march!

In Cameroon, many ladies look up to this day as an exceptional one. Their sometimes exceptional hairdos and attires do confirm this assertion!

Some go as far as violating the instructions of no high-heeled shoes…they must show off!

The stylish caps and other head dresses glow and speak tons about Cameroon’s cultural diversity.

Even make-up is available at the marching ground…just in case your eye shadow isn’t visible enough!

As the sunrays become intense, vendors of sunshades, caps and fans come to the rescue of most women.

Hunger is also widespread and the most probable food to get is a sandwich!

And what about immortalising the day?! Photographers are on hand to snap and do instant printing of pictures.

Others prefer taking selfies with their phones.

As for photojournalists, they must be ‘trigger happy’, even if it means using the bare ground as a crane!

Suddenly, there is the sound of clapping and cheering…Miss CSPH is here!

Her colleagues hail her and draw the attention of others who curiously peek to catch a glimpse of the Miss!

As for mascots, they are present in different interesting outfits.

The march past is over and the ladies dance to the beat of drums and other local instruments, stationed at the exit of the marching grounds.

Time to get back to the office for part two of the celebration…minibuses and pick-up vehicles loaded with women keep arriving to carry the women to enjoy phase two of the day.

You may not have noticed these but mind you, during the celebration, there is much more than what meets the eyes!

Happy Women’s Day!!

Eleanor Ayuketah

5 pensées sur “33rd Women’s Day: A peek into the backstage

  • 8 mars 2018 à 21 h 12 min

    Manyi, J’ai beaucoup aimé.c’est très bien détaillé,moi qui n’était pas présente:vie la scène comme si j’y était .شكرا

  • 8 mars 2018 à 21 h 25 min

    Formidable esprit de créativité surtout pour le bonheur de la Femme Camerounaise! A bon entendeur. ……..


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