Territorial Administration: Paul Atanga Nji, bearer of message of peace in the NW

As Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji’s first official visit was in the North West Region. The North West region that has witnessed violent upheavals for more than one year, is the Minister’s birth place.

Little wonder, less that two weeks as Minister, he opted for an apeasement mission.

During the working visit, the Minister had frank exchanges with representatives of the youth, traditional rulers and administrative / security officials.

The visit began in Bamenda, at the Governor’s Office where Mr Atanga Nji was updated with the security situation of the region.

In return, he handed down directives on how people and property could be protected.

The next place of discussion was in Batibo.

A – Territorial Administration Minister in Batibo

Batibo, the subdivision that is still gripped by fear after two spectacular abductions, needed a high level visit.

The Minister of Territorial Administration held meetings with representatives of the youth population and reminded them of the cardinal role they are called upon to play in the process of nation building.

He assured all those involved in violent activities to desist and be spared prosecution.

The Minister pleaded with all who have abandoned their villages to the bushes to lay down their arms, come back and start a new life.

B – Minister’s exchange with traditional leaders

During his meetings with the Fons, the Minister conveyed President Paul Biya’s message of peace and exhorted these auxillaries of the administration to be crusaders of stability.

To these Fons who crowned President Paul Biya “Fon of Fons”, the Minister of Territorial Administration said it is incumbent on them to help the central administration find lasting solutions to the crisis that has dealt a blow on the socio-economic advancement of the two english speaking regions.

Before leaving the North West Region the Minister of Territorial Administration once again encouraged the population to abandon violence, kidnappings, killings and be apostles of peace.

Pamela Bidjocka

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