2018 Elite One Championship: Feutcheu FC of Bandjoun reclaims league leadership after the Day-9 ation

Matches counting for the Day-9 action of the ongoing Elite One Championship have been played in stadia across the country.

Match Highlights

Feutcheu FC of Bandjoun reclaims league leadership with 18pts after the Day-9 action, beating her opponents Aigle Royal 3- 1.

Coton Sport of Garoua now occupies the second position after beating UMS of Loum on their home ground by 1 – 0.

After nine days of play, Aigle Royal succeeds to net their first goal in the competition despite being defeated by Feutcheu FC by 3 – 1.

Day-9 Match Results


Yaounde Football Club FC 2 – 1 Apejes of Mfou

Young Sport Academy of Bamenda 2 – 1 Astres of Douala

Fovu of Baham 0 – 0 Union Sportive of Douala

Feutcheu FC of Bandjoun 3 – 1 Aigle Royal of Menoua

Stade Renade of Melong  0 – 0 Unisport of Bafang

Colombe FC of the Dja and Lobo 0 – 0 Eding Sport of the Lekie

Dragon FC of Yaounde 1 – 3 AS of Fortuna Yaounde

UMS of Loum 0 – 1 Coton Sport of Garoua

New Stars of Douala 2 – 1 Bambotous of Mbounda


Day­-9 General Classification Table


1- Feutcheu FC of Bandjoun                                      18 pts

2- Coton Sport of Garoua                                           18 pts

2- Fovu of Baham                                                         18 pts

4- Yong Sport Academy of Garoua                          16 pts

5- Ums of Loum                                                          14 pts

6- Eding Sport FC of the Lekie                                   13 pts

7- AS Fortuna of YAounde                                         13 pts

8- Bamboutos of Mbounda                                       12 pts

9- Unisport of Bafang                                                   12 pts

10- Union Sportive of Douala                                    12 pts

11- Yaounde Football Club                                         11 pts

12- Apejes of Mfou                                                       10 pts

13- Astres FC of Douala                                               10 pts

14- Colombe of the Dja and Lobo                            10 pts

15- Stade Renade  of Melong                                    9 pts

16- New Stars of Douala                                              7 pts

17- Dragon Club of Yaounde                                      6 pts

18- Aigle Royal  of Menoua                                         4 pts


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie



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