2018 Senatorial Election: National Communication Council (NCC) evaluates Campaigns on the media

The NCC has evaluated the effective use of time allocated to political parties propaganda on media outlets after one week into campaigns

The results of the NCC’s findings were disclosed to media men during a press briefing in Yaoundé on 21st March 2018.

The NCC sampled the public media comprising of CRTV Radio, CRTV Television and Cameroon Tribune. The National Chairman of the NCC , urged the media practitioners to respect the prescriptions of the law regarding campaigns on the media.

Peter Essoka told the press that the evaluation exercise is in accordance with Article 11 of the decree of 23rd January 2012 which prescribes a permanent sitting for the NCC during electoral campaigns.

The council’s major assignment during this time is to ensure that political parties are granted equal access to the public media.

The NCC also ensures the respect for the principles of transparency, equilibrium,and pluralism.

The NCC made public the details of time allocated to different political parties during the first week on campaign in the following organs.

 Radio stations

– Radio Siantou
– Equinox radio
– Magic FM
– Sweet FM
– Amplitude

Television channels

-Canal 2 international
– Equinox Tv
– Vision 4

Print Media

-La nouvelle Expression
-Le jour
– The Guardian Post

The NCC assessed the usage of time by the nine political parties relative to the time that was allocated to them by the Ministry of Communication.

Time Allocated in the Public Media

# Weekly time allocation for Radio: 2hr 45 mins
Time used : 2hr 35 mins 37 seconds

#Weekly Time allocation for TV: 1 hr 22mins 30s
Time used: 1hr 9 mins

#On Cameroon Tribune
CPDM occupied 3 pages

#Weekly Time allocation for Radio : 2hrs 45 mins
Time Used: 53 mins 55s
#Weekly Time allocation for TV: 1hr 22min 30s
Time Used : 46mins 48s
#On Cameroon Tribune
UNDP occupied two and a half pages

#Weekly Time allocation for Radio: 1hr 25 mins
Time Used : 1hr 00mins 55s

#Weekly Time allocated for TV: 42 mins 30s
Time Used: 47 mins 15s
#On Cameroon Tribune

SDF used one page

#Weekly Time allocation for Radio: 1hr 5 mins
Time Used : 9 mins 53s
#Weekly Time allocation for TV : 32mins 30s
Time Used: 10 mins 55s
#On Cameroon Tribune
ANDP occupied one quarter page

#Weekly Time Allocation for Radio:
Time Used: 11mins 42s
#Weekly Time allocation for TV: 15mins 25s
Time Used: 19mins 13s
#On Cameroon Tribune
UDU used one quarter page

#Weekly Time Allocation for Radio:
Time Used: 17mins 34s
#Weekly Time Allocation for TV: 17mins 30s
Time Used: 21mins 08s
#On Cameroon Tribune
UPC used three quarter page

# Weekly Time allocation for Radio: 15mins
Time Used: 3mins 15s
# Weekly Time Allocation for TV: 07mins 30s
Time Used: 05 mins 13s
# On Cameroon Tribune
FSNC used one quarter page

# Weekly Time Allocation for Radio: 15mins
Time Used:00mins
Weekly Time Allocation for TV : 07mins 30s
Time Used: 00 mins
# On Cameroon Tribune
UDP occupied half a page

# Weekly Time Allocation for Radio : 15mins
Time Used: 00mins
Weekly Time allocation for  TV 00 mins
# On Cameroon Tribune
One sixteenth of a

Kathy Neba Sina

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