Accident on Yaoundé – Bafoussam Highway: Minister Kontchou Kouomeni is victim

Former Minister Augustin Kontchou Kouomeni is reportedly responding to treatment in Yaounde, in the Centre Region.

He was evacuated from the Emergency Unit of the Bafoussam Regional Hospital in the West Region where he had preliminary treatment following a road accident.

Professor Augustin Kontchou Kouomeni was victim of a ghastly car crash on the Yaoundé – Bafoussam highway while travelling to the West region for Senatorial Election campaigns.

The accident occurred in the West region near Bandjoun when the driver of former Minister attempted to avoid a pothole on the road but the car suddenly overturned, according to witnesses.

The driver and the former Minister are said to be in critical state. The Minister’s body guard apparently had minor injuries.

The driver was rushed to Hospital in a pool of blood oozing from the head and he was unconscious. The bleeding was contained but his situation is still serious.

Kontchou Kouomeni, Former Minister and member of the CPDM party’s elite in the West region was unconscious at the time he arrived hospital.

Medical sources say his health situation has been stabilized.
Professor Augustin Kontchou Kouomegni, had held several positions in the government.

He was Chargé de mission at the Prime Minister’s Office (24 February 1983 – 1984),

Director of the School for officials of the CPDM party (1989-1990).

He had also held other top functions including Minister of Communication and Minister of External Relations.

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