Cameroon: Two big names in music reconcile

Two Cameroonian pop artists, Dynastie le Tigre and Maahlox who maintained a stormy relationship have reconciled.

It is Dynastie le Tigre who granted a press conference on Tuesday 7th March 2018, announcing his relation with his colleague and friend has been normalised.

Speaking to pressmen, Dyanstie explained that he has withdrawn his complaint against Maahlox and openly apologised to him.

What really happened?

The beef between the two (Dynastie le Tigre and Maahlox) seems to date back to Saturday 3rd February, 2018 during a concert at the Yaunde Multisports Complex.

During the concert, Dynastie le Tigre went on stage and kept on reminding the public that he is singing live and not playing a CD.

The public seemed to get impatient especially as Dynastie also sang some unpopular songs and stayed so long on stage.

In their impatience, they began to cry out in a chorus, “Maahlox….”

Dynatsie reacted by uttering some not very kind words in relation to their request.

In anger, the public began to shoot objects on stage and continue with their cry.

Dynastie finished his last song and stormed off stage visibly angry.

This scene was followed by an exchange of words between Dynastie le Tigre and Maahlox.

So when Lady Ponce invited the two artists to sing at a concert during her on-going SEFEDI festival, Maahlox’s refusal to appear on stage in relation to his problems with Dynastie le Tigre made Lady Ponce to deposit a complaint against Maahlox, requesting him to refund the money that was sent to him for his appearance at the festival.

This complaint added up to Dynastie le Tigre’s initial complaint against Maahlox.

Maahlox was arrested by elements of the gendermarie but finally realeased as Dynastie withdrew the case.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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