CRTV: Employees chose staff delegates in a hotly contested election

Crtv employees massively turned out to elect staff delegates on Thursday 1st, March 2018.The elections were carried out in all CRTV structures nationwide.

Over 1000 employees participated in the election in which two lists were voted.

In Yaounde alone, over 800 employees voted within the following structures;

# Production House at Mballa ll
# National Station
# CRTV Marketing and Communication Agency
# Institute for the preservation of National Audio-Visual Heritage, Ekounou

At the regional stations, the employees simultaneously voted.

Officials from the Human Resource Management Department were disptched to these stations to oversee the conduct of elections .

The employees had to chose between SYNACOM or SYNATRACOMEC trade union each made up of two colleges.

# 1st College:
employees from category 1-6
# 2nd college:
employees from category 7-12

The exercise rounded up in Yaounde at 9 pm after a heated session of vote count.

As the election committee concludes the electoral process, Crtv employees anxiously await the results to be proclaimed anytime from now.

Kathy Neba Sina

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