CRTV Women promised equal opportunities at work

The female staff of the central services of the Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV have communed together to crown festivities marking the International Women’s Day 2018.

The event at the esplanade of the TV production house at Mballa II was chaired by the Director General, Charles Ndongo. It came after the official marchpast, and to put a cap over activities organised on the occasion of IWD. These had included a sports walk, free diabetes screening, assistance to underprivileged children and a televised debate on women and ethics. In her presentation, the representative of female staff, Ms Madeleine Mbounou hailed the significant progress in recognising women’s value at the workplace, although there was still work. At the level of the regions, there was a fifty fifty parity in the recent nominations of station managers.
This is way above the 30 percent recommended by the UN. Nonetheless, women still occupy assistant roles in leadership positions. For example, out of the three central directors at CRTV, none is a woman. Of the twenty five directors, 6 are women. And when it came to heading services, which are over 300, women occupy 122 positions.
With such statistics, she said there was hope for brighter days for the womenfolk. That is why, she called on the management to continue implement gender-strategic policies to promote equity and equal opportunities. As if in complete support of all that was said, the women cheered in acknowledgement.

Then it was time for the DG to address his female staff. Charles Ndongo called them “indefatigable collaborators,” “indomitable mothers” who in spite of all roles back home were ever present at work. Recalling with delight the satisfaction he had when they marched past, he said they were irreplaceable. After serving CRTV in different roles for about forty years, he said the plight of women at the workplace was not unknown to him. He pledged to continue to support their projects, underlining that at moment, no domain was closed to the womanfolk. It was thanks to the promotion of women that he had been made a #HeForShe champion by UN Women Cameroon.

To Mr Ndongo, talent and professional probity were the guiding principles in managing staff. This was proven by the number of women he had placed in management positions. Expressing pride at their exceptional hardwork, he called up two, who had been recognised internationally. They were Amy Banda and Annick Flavia Tsogo.

Novelty in the celebration

This year, there was a surprise package to the celebration, the award of cash prices to outstanding staff. They were ten in number with the first being  Ms Landzeh Tamasang Veronica. She bagged home an amount of 500,000 XAF, with the least prize worth 100,000XAF. The ladies referred to as the “Shadow Heroines” of the institution had at least 15years of service. They were voted by a jury for their excellent work.

The event was graced by the presence of the spouse of the DG, the DGA, Emmanuel Wongibe and his wife, other dignitaries and male colleagues. The feasting that ended with the sharing of a common meal, was spiced with good music from the CRTV orchestra.

Melvis Kimbi Lu

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