Douala: Minister of Trade launches Business and Trade Fair, FIAC

The Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana has launched the first edition of the International Business and Trade Fair, FIAC in Bepanda, Douala this 26th March 2018.

Since 24th March 2018, some 500 small and medium sized enterprises have congregated to sell out their goods and services.

The trade fair which ends on 8th April 2018 is also an ideal occasion for participants to form important partnerships in the view of improving their performance.

FIAC has been organised by the “Organisation Inter Progress” flag bearers of similar exhibitions including “Promote” and “YA-FE” organised in Yaounde annually.

The small and medium sized industries present in FIAC excel in domains including arts, textiles and agriculture amongst others.

Large-scale producers have also expressed interest in the present inaugural fair taking place in Douala.

Another sector with a huge representation is start-uppers; many have come with their ‘made in Cameroon’ products.

Locally made drinks and traditional meals are also on exhibition to give visitors the complete Cameroonian feeling.

About FIAC

The Organisation Inter Progress initiated the International Business and Trade Fair (FIAC) to encourage local manufacturers and promote the consumption of ‘made in Cameroon’ products.

It is a forum bringing consumers and producers on the same platform with the aim of improving networking.

The organisers have promised to organise the fair bi-annually.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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