Fatal School Stampede: Government Primary School coping with pain

Twenty-four hours after the stampede that left four pupils dead and dozens injured, there is an unusual calm in the Government Primary school Ekoudou campus this 22nd March 2018.

All doors and offices remain closed, no pupil was found on the campus.

Present were two guards who live on compus with their wives and kids.

The Inspector of Basic Education for Yaoundé ll , the five directors of the school, some teachers and Head teachers from some primary schools in Yaounde attended a crisis meeting this morning.

The meeting which took place at the Sub-Divisional Inspectorate of Basic Education for Yaoundé Il was expected to focus on how to collectively assist Parents of the victims.

On the instruction of the Minister of Basic Education, Yousouf Hadija Alim classes will be suspended untill investigations are completed.

In the meantime the education family joins parents of pupils who died in the stampede in mourning.

Grieving Families

Zeinabou Oumarou and Mostapha Ali, both 7 years were buried this morning in line with the muslim tradition.

Aboubakar Ali and dozen others are currently receiving treatment at the Yaoundé Central Hospital.

The parents of these unfortunate kids are still wondering aloud why such misfortune should befall the family.

No official explanation has been given but many of the children recount that water was poured on them during a comedy show that turned tragic.
This resulted to four deaths and dozens injured.

Kathy Neba Sina

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