33rd Women’s Day: First Lady adds splendour to a dazzling event

Chantal Biya has always been by the side of women. She has always given a keen ear to all issues involving women.

She has even created a group “Circle of Friends of Cameroon” grouping wives of diplomats of friendly countries represented in Cameroon.

First Lady Chantal Biya comes again to celebrate the International Women’s Day with women.
In her characteristic charm and splendeur, she electrified the waiting crowd upon arrival at the 20th May Boulevard.

Chantal BIYA

Welcomed with a bouquet of flowers with children speaking in both the english and french languages, real business started.
The parade began after Madam Chantal Biya took a seat between the Minister of Women’s Empowerment and the Family Marie Thérèse Ondoua Abena and the wife of the Senate President Mme Niat Marcie.

With women of different professions, different political leanings and different countries taking part in the parade, this sent a strong message of unity in diversity .
Every step of the way, First Lady Chantal Biya chaired and encouraged the women.

Many groups stood out during the exercise but the enthusiasm of the handicapped and all physically challenged persons who marched past told the story of the special bond between this group and First Lady.
A first Lady who has vowed to reduce the sufferings of the vulnerable groups especially children. Little wonder !!
And her cheers were unending.

There was more than one reason to cheer as the first lady did.
The exuberance of the women, the encouraging messages on banners and lastly the radiance of the outfits.
All present fed their eyes with the beauty of the woman calling to mind her renewed engagement to stay at the forefront.

les femmes de la GP

The presence of the First Lady at the 20th May Boulevard made the 33rd International Women’s Day celebration simply remarkable!!

Pamela Bidjocka

2 pensées sur “33rd Women’s Day: First Lady adds splendour to a dazzling event

  • 9 mars 2018 à 7 h 16 min

    Good morning Crtv. Thank you for thé wonderful paper on the international women’s day. I think the expression *match past* found information your paper is not the right spelling. I may be mistaken, but do well to check again, and also put it in the past tense as it ought to be.

    • 13 mars 2018 à 11 h 05 min

      Thanks indeed for your vigilance and you’re right. It is march-past. Your point is noted.


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