Sartorial Elections2018: National Vote Counting Commission submits report

The National Vote Counting Commission for the 25th March 2018 Senatorial Election has handed over originals of its final report to the President of the Constitutional council.

The President of the Vote Counting commission, Emile Essombe handed over the documents to the President of the Constitutional Council, Clement Atangana during a brief ceremony, this Thursday, 29th March 2018 at about 8:00pm.

During the ceremony, the President of the Vote Counting Commission said that they worked long hours in order to finish before the five day deadline.

He added that their report would have been handed over earlier but for the late arrival of the report of the Far North regional vote counting commission that got to Yaoundé Wednesday night.

He also saluted the conviviality and assiduity of the members of the Vote Counting Commission. He said the law gives the commission five days, from the end of voting but they consumed four days, though they effectively did the corrections and rectifications within two days.

The President of the Counstitutional Council saluted the expertise of the members of the National Vote Counting Commission.

Reactions of members of Vote Counting Commission

The Representative of the UPC party in the commission, Biya II Jean Jacques said the work was well done and each of the members went beyond party limitations to work for the triumph of democracy.

The CPDM Representative in the Vote Counting Commission, Talba Mala expressed joy for contributing to the growth of democracy in Cameroon. He said they worked beyond institutional or party lines with a common goal of forging the democratic process.

On his party, Honourable Mbah Ndam Joseph of the SDF party said technically the work done was good but the SDF party has filed a partition for the cancellation of elections in the South West region for security concerns. That notwithstanding, he acclaimed the National Vote Counting Commission that it has done its job well.


The challenges highlighted by the SDF representative in the Vote Counting Commission concerned the North West region, where “members of the CPDM in the regional vote counting commission and members of the regional vote counting commission refused to sign the report of the regional commission on the bases that null ballot papers had to be added to valid ballot papers before calculating the percentages. That was an aberration that violated the provisions of section 218 and 112 of the electoral code. We rectified that once and for all.”

All the different parties expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the work of the National Vote Counting Commission while awaiting the Constitutional Council to proclaim the final results of the second Senatorial election in Cameroon.

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