Senatorial Election: Two post election petitions at Constitutional Council

Few hours to the deadline for the submission of post election petitions, two petitions had been registered at the at Constitutional Council.

The petitioners request the cancellation of senatorial elections of 25th March 2018 in the West and South West regions.

The first petition received this Wednesday, 28th March 2018 was that of the SDF party handed over around midday.

The SDF wants cancellation of the Senatorial election in the entire South West Region for fraud in Lebialem and attacks that marred the voting process in Bangem.

The second petition that came later in the day was that of the CDU party that is requesting that the Constitutional Council annuls election in the West region for violation of some provisions of the electoral code and the substitution of candidates without prior notification.

The two petitions and any other that may be received before the midnight deadline will be processed by the constitutional council within a period of ten days.

The verdict of the constitutional council which is final and cannot be appealed shall be pronounced before the publication of results.

In the meantime, the proceedings at the Constitutional Council with regards to post election petitions does not affected the work of members of the National Vote Counting Commission.

Consequently, the results of the 25th March 2018 Senatorial Elections will be published within 15 days from the date of voting. Therefore, it will be on or before Monday, 9th April 2018.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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