Senatorial Elections: Constitutional Council examines petitions

The Constitutional Council will this Thursday 15th March 2018 examine some petitions tabled by six members of some political parties contesting in the March 25th Senatorial elections.

The petitions are from candidates whose lists were rejected for the Senatorial race or who are requesting the annulment of certain lists for eligibility.

The six petitioners include:

The Senator of the SDF and Vice Bureau President of the party, Paul Tchatuoung asking for the rejection of the CPDM list in the West Region. He argues that it violates article 165 of the electoral code including some irregularities.

Another petition came from the NUDP Party in the Adamawa Region soliciting the annulment of the CPDM list in the Region.

In the West Region, a Senatorial candidate Mr. Ahmadou Ahidjo wants his name introduced in the CPDM list of the Region.

He claims to be part of the minority group that is being marginalised by the party and that the political parties’ candidates in the region validated by Elections Cameroon are null and void.

In the Mayo Sava Division of the Far North Region, outgoing Senator Saki Lamens says her candidature was rejected despite the fact that she was eligible for the post. Surprisingly, her comrades were maintained for the same post.

In the East Region, Mrs Asoho Njolie of the CPDM party in the East Region has been declared unqualified for the Senate by the Mayor of Abongmbang.

The Mayor claims that she is unpopular and has violated the article 158 of the Electoral Code.

The petitions would be examined this Thursday 15th March 2018 by members of the Constitutional Council during a session dedicated to handling petitions to hold at the Yaounde Conference Centre.

Irene Mbang Tata

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