South Region: Devastating rains render many homeless

Heavy rain and winds wreak a village called Mvam-yetom in the South Region. The rains and winds destroyed extensive farm lands and property while dozens of families have also been left homeless.

The heavy torrential downpours was experienced the week of 25th march 2018.

The population of the Mvam-yetom in the Ebolowa II subdivision have been struggling to cope with the loss.

They and especially been strategising on how best to provide help to the over twenty families left homeless from the disaster.

Each family has a different account to give about the disaster but all accounts point to the violence of the storms that accompanied the rains.

“I was in the kitchen with my wife when it all happened” said Robert Nyangono a victim, “trees were falling on the house. The roof of my house went off and landed one hundred and fifty metres away.”

Inspite of the important material damage, the population remain thankful that no life was lost.

Barbers’ shops, health centres and the Mvam-yetom Government Primary School now lay in ruins.

Cocoa farmers in Mvam-yetom are yet to assess the level of damage caused to farms as a result of the disaster.

The strong winds off rooted trees blocking roads and access to farmlands.

The community now counts on each other’s support to cope the disaster while they call on government for help.

The divisional officer of Ebolowa II Bertrand Tah, visited victims and expressed government’s compassion.

He promised to set up a commission to assess the damage.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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