Succession in Kom

Matrilineal succession in the North west region is primarily traced to the kom community.

The Kom people people have always considered  matrilineal succession as far as their history goes.

In this way, the Kom society differs significantly from other tribes of Cameroon.

Lineage in the Kom culture continues on the side of the mother and not the father.

When an adult Kom male dies, ownership of his property including his compound, wives and children is transferred to his nephew (son of his sister) and not his own son.

The process of matrilineal succession in Kom society is more complex if a deceased male did not have a nephew to inherit his property.

In this case, succession is continued on the side of first cousin, with children of the female cousins.

This Monday 19th of March, 2018, join Michel Abanda on CRTV radio for more insight on this.

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