2018 FENASCO A Games: Far North is overall best

The Far North region has emerged number one at the just ended National Secondary School Games, FENASCO A after obtaining a total of fifty medals; 21 in gold, 12 in silver and 17 in bronze.

The Far North takes the command baton from the Centre region that was best last year.

According to the general classification table, the centre comes second with fifty-two medals;19 gold, 14 silver and 19 bronze.

The host, Adamawa region is  third with a total of twenty-four medals; 8 in gold, 6 in bronze and 10 in bronze.

The general Classification and Medal Chart

  1. Far North: Total (50) Gold(21)Silver(12)Bronze (17)
  2. Centre: Total (52) Gold (19) Silver (14) Bronze (19)
  3. Adamawa: Total (24) Gold (06) Silver (10)Bronze (10)
  4. North West: Total (16)Gold (08)Silver (02) Bronze (06)
  5. North: Total (41) Gold (07)Silver (12)Bronze(22)
  6. South West:Total (10)Gold (05)Silver(03)Bronze(02)
  7. East : Total (27)Gold (14)Silver(09)Bronze(14)
  8. Littoral: Total (23)Gold (04)Silver(08)Bronze (11)
  9. West: Total (18)Gold (04)Silver(08)Bronze (06)

10.South: Total(12)Gold (03)Silver(05)Bronze(04)

Closing the one week event, the Minister of Secondary Education, Dr. Nalova Lyonga Pauline congratulated the organisers and athletes for the spirit of fair play.

She lauded the engagement of the delegations from the North West and South West regions that  braved the odds to be present in Ngaoundere for the games.

The Secondary Education boss,  handed over the game’s flame to the next host, the North West region.

She challenged the delegation to get to work immediately to ensure another successful edition. It will be the 21st .

The heavily attended closing ceremony was highlighted by a football match between all time rivals, the Far North / Centre regions.

The Minister led a march to mark the official end of the 2018 FENASCO A Games.

Benly Anchunda

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