Ebolowa: Fall Out of the Iron Ore Smelting quarry discovery

Dr Hassimi Sambo is leader of the team of researchers who made  the  iron ore smelting quarry discovery in Enongal-Bulu in Ebolowa.

Dr Hassimi Sambo,Team Leader


The Senior lecturer at the department of Arts and Archeology, University of Yaounde I says such a discovery is beneficial to the local population, scientists and Cameroon government.

The Local Population

This discovery of an iron ore smelting quarry gives an insight into the history of the population. It can help the history of Enongal- Bulu to be easily reconstructed with these artifacts.
Such a descovery is also capable of enhancing cultural tourism in the area.Simply put, the people can actually go there to study how their ancestors were smelting iron. This is possible through the assistance of specially trained guideswho will explain the iron-ore smelting process to tourists.

Importance of discovery to scientists

Scientists are expected to take this opportunity to do  comparative studies  with previous studies carried out on the site.
The findings can give a better inside on the transformation of iron.

The discovery: Advantages to Government

The socio-economic atvantages of local tourism developed after the discovery of the iron ore smelting quarries are manifold.Not only more jobs will be created to absorb youths, tourism generates revenue into government coffer.
The department of Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Arts and Culture also needs to come up with plans to protect this cultural heritage that tells more about the history of Cameroon.

The researchers behind Archeological discovery

The Archeological Researchers

1) Asombang NEBA’ ANE( head of mission)
2)Dr Hassimi Sambo( Head of the team)
2) Ngwa Roland ( Masters Student)
3) Obeth Chenwi ( PHD student)
4) Foundikou Aisha ( PHD student)


Kathy Neba Sina

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