Far North Region: Sultan Abba Mahamat Moussa of Kousserie quits the scene

The Sultan of Kousseri, Far North Region, His Majesty Abba Mahamat Moussa has died after a protracted illness.

He died on Tuesday 12th April 2018 in a hospital in N’Djamena Chad where he was receiving treatment.

Abba Mahamat Moussa succeeded his father as sultan in September 2012 and ruled for five years.

Reports say during the five year period, he could not fully exercise his duties as sultan until he became bedridden.

His family, Council of notables of Kousseri and the ‘La Fada’ evacuated him to N’Djamena for treatment where he died.

Those who worked with the late Sultan mourns a man whom they describe as example to emulate.

The Senior Divisional Officer of the Logone and Chari Division Albert Mikonda affirms he was an extraordinary leader.

The SDO praised the late Sultan’s spirit of collaboration that improved on the relationship between the administration and local authority.

The Lawan of Gebala in Kousseri had kind words for the departed. He states “He was a discrete and humble man. He succeeded in maintaining peace and harmony in Kousseri and upheld a good working relationship with the administration. I learnt from him professionally. He was a good example to follow and I will miss him very much.”

The Sultan was buried the same Tuesday in accordance with Muslim tradition.

The successor to the throne of the Kousseri Sultanate is yet to be announced.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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