Yaoundé – Nsimalen Corridor: Feasibility studies launched


Feasibility studies for the construction of 20 Km long corridor from the Yaounde, Nsimalen international airport to the town of Yaoundé has been launched. 

The Minister of Urban Development and Housing launched project this Tuesday, 24th April 2018 in Yaoundé.  The construction of the corridor will beautify the main entree way to the capital city from the airport and make provision for a possible expansion of the motorway when the need is felt.

The Deputy Director General of the Mission for the Development and equipment of Rural and Urban lands (MAETUR), Michael Mbong explained that the land where the feasibility studies will be carried out has been placed under government asset and no other infrastructural project can be carried on it.

The project will be carried out with the technical expertise of MAETUR within a period of sixteen months.

Prior to the launch of the project, the government of Cameroon signed a convention with United Nation Habitat on 16th February 2016 to carry out feasibility studies in view of the creation of a corridor in the rural zone.

The Yaoundé – Nsimalen motorway which seeks to improve circulation from the Yaoundé town and the Nsimalen International Airports is currently under construction. The road is composed of two compartments; 11.3 Km in the rural zone and 10 km in the urban area of Yaoundé. However, the road construction project is independent from that of the corridor.

The according to the technical features of the corridor, it will be two hundred meter wide on each side of the motorway.  The motor way and corridor will consequently cover a total width of 500 meters on both sides. The motorway will run across three divisions; Mefou and Afamba, Mefou and Akona as well as Mfoundi.

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