Camwater : Management Board meets to workout details for a smooth transition

Less than a week to the official end of activities of ‘Les Cameroonais Des Eaux’, the board of Directors of the Cameroon Water Utilities, Camwater met to discuss modalities for a smooth transition.

The two day meeting which is ongoing in Douala is examinig the crusial issues needed for Camwater to assimilate the defunct ‘Cameroonais Des Eaux’ .

The most crucial of the issues include an organisational chat that favours efficient redeployment of the 1400 workers to be absorbed by Camwater.

Board members under the Chairmanship of Jerome Obi Eta have also been discussing the treatment reserved for the incoming staff.
The internal rules and regulations of the new Camwater also came under close scrutiny as board members ended day-one of discussion.

On day two, this Friday 27th May 2019, Mr Obi Eta and his team are focused on the budget.
Camewater functioned on a four month traditional budget since January 2018.
The complimentary budget to cover May to December 2018 is being discussed.

The Camwater-CDE saga

When in 2008 government decided to privatise the sector, the Moroccan based company won the bid to manage the distribution and sale of portable water in urban and semi-urban area for a ten year renewable period.
At the end of this period, the government of Cameroon decided not to renew the contract with Les Cameroonais Des Eaux .
Since the presidential decree announcing the end of activities of the Moroccan company, competent authorities have been discussing modalities for the transition to take effect 1st May 2018.

Kathy Neba Sina

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