Arts and Culture: Minister opens an exhibition centre

The Minister of Arts and Culture, Prof Narcisse Mouelle Kombi has officially opened an international centre for cultural and artistic heritage (CIPCA).

The two floor centre is found along the hill leading to the Lycee d’ Emana, Yaounde.

The opening took place this 4th April 2018 in a ceremony which brought together lovers of arts and crafts.

On the exhibition stand were the works of Cameroonian-born, Jean Michel Dissake Dissake and French-born, Atikin.

Before a tour of the centre, the Arts and Culture Minister praised the flagbearer of the project in Cameroon, Fabiola Ecot Ayissi.

Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi called on Cameroonians to avail themselves of such a centre which serves as a resevoir of Cameroon’s cultural heritage and that of other sister nations.

During a guided tour of the CIPCA centre, the Minister was marvelled by the works of art of the two exhibitors, Atikin and Jean Michel.

At the end of the visit, Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi received a special gift from the CIPCA family.

The exhibitions at CIPCA

All the exhibitons displayed at this CIPCA office in Yaounde are fruit of collection of old objects which have been recycled and used to produce sculptures.

Atikin is exhibiting six sculptures and one forest scene.

The forest scene is composed of five uniquely carved trees which according to the artist, depict the uniqueness of every human being.

Jean Michel Dissake Dissake on his part, is exhibiting five works. His works are essentially made from recycled objects.

His idea is intended to arouse ecological conscience and take man closer to nature.

Jean Michel’s artwork on exhibition are made from number plates, jeans and hides amongst others; objects which the ordinary man encounters on a daily basis.

Jean Michel Dissake Dissake and Atikin’s artworks will be on exhibition at CIPCA Yaounde until 5th September 2018.

Another attractive sight is the projection of a video shot with head lamps of a car as the only source of lighting.

It is a five-minute video depicting the continuity of life.

Entry into the CIPCA building is free.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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