CONAC publishes toll free Number 1517 to denounce corruption

The President of the National Anti Corruption Commission, (NACC/CONAC) Dieudonne Massi Gams has made public a toll free number for Cameroonians to denounce cases of corruption.

The toll free number 1517 was presented to media men during at press conference at the commission’s headquarters in Yaoundé.

Rev. Dieudonne Massi Gams speaking to the press

Dieudonne Massi Gams announced that human and material resources have been put in place to ensure that the number is accessible to the public from 7am – 6pm.  Two reception points open to receive denunciations from public service users.

Toll free number to denouce corruption

Online Interface

Besides the toll free number, the anti corruption commission has also a new looked website,, and an email to its services closer to users.

Press conference at CONAC

CONAC Media platforms

Dieudonne Massi Gams also made mention of specialise programmes on radio and television to raise awareness on their actions. The programmes include:

  • Espace CONAC; a radio magazine every Saturday on CRTV national Station
  • Espace CONAC; a television magazine on CRTV and Canal2
  • CONAC newsletter; published monthly and distributed nationwide.

The Commission hopes that the platforms will help Cameroonians in denouncing cases of corruption and also making proposals to efficiently fighting corruption in the country.

National Anti Corruption Commission

He added that the different platforms serve as “self defence weapons” against corruption.

He urged journalists to make good of the services to raise awareness and “reach a critical mass of “positive actors ready to say No to Corruption”.

Misuse of the toll free line was also strongly discouraged and users were reminded that denunciations with malicious intent are a crime and false testimony is a corruption offence.

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