CRTV: Staff Delegates commissioned in the build up to Labour Day

Staff delegates of the Cameroon Radio Television have been installed into their functions, four days to the International Labour Day.They were installed by the corporation’s General Manager this 27th May 2018 during a ceremony organised at the production centre Mballa ll.

The staff delegates installed this day, gained their mandate during a hotly contested election organised on 1st March .

The staff delegates installed this day belong to two workers syndicates;

The twenty-four are grouped as follows;

1) Nguemou Lazare
2) Koutou Daouda
3) Tchoudji Zacharie
4) Luma Slim Davis
5) Essengue G Noel
6) Ngangue F.X
7) Nyangono Edith
8) Abossolo Simon
9) Ayissi Engama
10) Atangana Zibi
11) Meke Anastasie
12) Esale Anicet
13) Akombassa N
14) Engoubou Domor
15) Keponmo J.Tobias
16) Essola Ze James W.


1) Sitong Etienne
2) Ondobo Cosmos
3)Mbiakeu Thomas
4) Esso Ebah Louis
5) Sime Koa Michael J
6)Ngono Vincent
7)Ahmadou Ahidjo nee Aichatou

Essska Michele

Crtv: the role of staff delegates

The law places staff delegates in a prominent position within institutions.

The group usually serve as the link between employer and employees, reason why their role is that of mobilizing and sensitizing employees on their rights and duties.

At the Cameroon Radio Television Corportion, staff delegates have been a rallying force behind the country’s policy of social dialogue .

It is no coincidence that management opted to have them installed in the build-up to the International Labour Day.
The installation ceremony was witnessed by the top staff of the CRTV.

Kathy Neba Sina


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