Douala International Airport remains open

The Director of the Douala International Airport, Thomas Owona Assoumou, issued a press release on 18th April 2018 stating that the Civil Aviation Authority dismissing rumour of a possible closure of the Douala International Airport.

It indicates that an audit of the airport is expected to begin on the 22nd of April and will last five days and only after then will the Civil Aviation Authority make its decision.

Douala International Airport

The airlines operations committee confirmed in another release that the Civil Aviation authority had never contacted them for any information that could have led to any conclusion prior to the audit.

The press releases consequently discredit information that has been circulating on the social media purporting a possible short down by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for not meeting international standards.

Airport authorities have described the fake news which also appeared as headlines of some private newspapers on 16th April as attempted sabotage and conspiracy against Cameroon’s Airports.

The Rehabilitation

Regarding the 20 billion CFA rehabilitation of the airport, the Director General of the Douala International Airport, Thomas Owona Assoumou assured the public that the first phase of the rehabilitation works ended in 2016 with the renovation of the runway.

The second phase is expected to start by the end of April pending the validation by the French Development Agency. ICAO Mission to Cameroon A delegation from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is on an evaluation mission to Cameroon from 18 to 27 April 2018.

According to the Director General Thomas Owona Assoumou, the mission will visit the Douala and Yaoundé – International Airports.  He said mission is a follow-up to audit corrective actions prescribed by the organization 2015 to be carried out on the airports.

The ICAO mission to assess the practice of the universal surveillance program for Member States in the implementation of security measures had been planned a long time ago, he added.  Official statistics show that the Douala airport has 1.5 million passengers per year and 50,000 tons of freight. Traffic evolution is moderate of about 3.4%.

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