ENAM: Presidential decree reorganises management

The President of the Republic has signed a decree recognising the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM). President Paul Biya signed decree N° 2018/240 of 9 April 2018 on Monday, 9th April 2018.

According to the decree, ENAM will be managed in line with Law N° 2017/011 of 12 July 2017 to law down the general rules and regulations governing public corporations.

As a result, the Executive of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) which trains administrative, financial, judicial and parliamentary staff for Cameroon’s public service and parliamentary services will have a fixed mandate.

ENAM Students must practice Bilingualism

Article 24 of the decree signed by the Head of State instructs ENAM officials to ensure that all teachings and training in ENAM is done in Cameroon’s two official languages which are English and French.

The decree in its article 52 (1) further states that students of ENAM, besides undergoing compulsory military service as part of their training, must practice bilingualism.

ENAM becomes a Public Corporation

The decree which seeks to enhance efficiency stipulates that the Chairperson of the Board of Directors will be appointed for a three-year term renewable once.

The board members will also be appointed for a period of three-years renewable once in conformity to Section 47 of the law of 12 July 2017 has.

On their part, the Director General and the Deputy Director General of ENAM will be appointed for a three-year term renewable twice by decree of the President of the Republic. However, their cumulative mandates cannot exceed 9 years.

The provisions of Section 77 of the Law of 12 July 2017 relating to restrictions and incompatibilities will be henceforth respected by the Board Chairperson, members of the Board, the Director General and Deputy Director General of ENAM.

Board of Directors empowered

According to articles 21 and 22 (section II) of the presidential text, the Board of Directors can now sanction the Dg and his deputy; only “in the event of serious misconduct or behaviour that could hinder the smooth running and image of ENAM.

Sanctions range from suspension of certain powers, suspension of functions, for a limited period, with immediate effect. The suspension of duties, with immediate effect, accompanied by a request for revocation addressed to the President of the Republic.

The board chairman can summon an extraordinary session of the board during which the Director General and the Deputy Director General would give explanations on the management of the institution.

A representative of the staff designated by peers would sit as a member of the board. Also during board sessions, its chairperson can invite a representative of the students or any experts to give explanations on issues in their domains.

Organisation of Study Programmes

Training at ENAM shall be organised in three departments; administration, finance and magistracy and court registry. President Paul Biya also pays much attention to applied research.

Two consultative organs with specific missions in Academic Council and the Disciplinary Council have been put in place to enhance research innovations and development.

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