Hello Cameroon with Gwendoline

Hello Cameroon  wakes you to the realities of Cameroon, market trends on cassava paste known as Baton de manioc or bobolo.  The peaceful co existence of the Banso people of the North West region, with the Bulu people of the South region in Ebolowa is also among the reports on the program. Meet second presenter of Hello Cameroon Gwendoline Egbe and the team.

2 pensées sur “Hello Cameroon with Gwendoline

  • 21 septembre 2018 à 12 h 26 min

    My name is K Belmond Kiteh, Managing director, DOSSIER EXPRESS SARL, base in Yaounde. on behalf of our enterprise, i wish to find out if our resource officer and team can be invited to Hello Cameroon, to talk about our services to the Cameroonian people. We will be hoping to hear from you.

    Our Regards,
    Managing Director,

    • 25 septembre 2018 à 17 h 54 min

      Hello Mr Kiteh, sorry we are replying to you late. Yes of course we can have you on one of the programmes provided what you have to share is not an advertisement and that it is of national interest. We will give your contact to the producer who will get to you to discuss better and possibly invite you. Thank you for the interest in our work.


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