North Region: Prices of cereals increase as Muslim faithful prepare for Ramadan

The prices of cereals have witnessed an increase as Muslim faithful prepare for the month of Ramadan.

A bag of corn which cost 11,000 CFA francs now sells at 19,000 CFA francs.

The price of a bag of groundnuts has equally risen from 30,000 CFA to more than 40,000 CFA francs.

As prices get higher, Cereal retailers in markets in Garoua for example, remain dependent on suppliers in the Ngong Cereal Market in the Tcheboua Subdivision, a market considered the biggest in Central Africa.

The people of the Northern regions remain suspicious of the price increase which they consider artificial.

According to this group the price increase is created by suppliers to make brisk business.

The Muslim faithful look on to the Regional Delegations of Trade for promotional sales of food items to cushion the effects of price hikes.

The high demand of cereal comes as Muslim faithful in the North begun stocking their shelves in preparation for the fasting period.

Cereals are very present in the diets of the people especially during this period of the Ramadan.

Cereals including corn, sorghum and groundnut are high consumables and, are served in different meals during this period.

The Ramadan comes up on the ninth month of the Muslim year and it is characterised by strict fasting from dawn to sunset


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie


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