Senate : 2nd legislative period opens

The 70 newly elected and 30 appointed senators will meet for the first time in a plenary session this Tuesday, 24th April 2018.

The full right plenary session will be presided over by the eldest member of the house and two youngest members or a secretary as the case be.

The eldest member will be expected to present a welcome address and read out the decision of the Constitutional Council proclaiming the results of the 25th March 2018 senatorial election and the decree of the Head of State appointing 30 senators.
He will consequently read out the names of all the 100 senators of the second legislature.
The eldest member will also be expected to set a committee that will organise the election of the bureau of the Senate. He shall supervise the election of the President of the Senate. Once the president is elected, the eldest member and his team will hand over to the elected president of the Senate who shall proceed with the setting up of the bureau and committees of the upper house of Parliament.
During the plenary session by right presided over by the eldest member of the house, no bills are adopted. A full right plenary session holds at the start of every legislative year prior to the election of the bureau of the Senate.

Elvis Teke

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