Senate: Members of compatibility commission elected

Less than 48 hours after the opening the the plenary session as of right at the Senate, the 25 members who constitute each of the four commissions to verify the compatibility offices of the office of the senate with other positions have been elected.

They were elected during the plenary session this Thursday, 26th April 2018, chaired by the eldest member of the Upper House of Parliament, Fon Victor Mukete.

Eldest member of the Senate, Fon Victor Mukete

The compatibility commissions are intended to protect the independence of a senator and to anticipate conflicts of interest.

Section 162 of the Electoral Code specifies that the office of Senator is not compatible with any other elective or appointed position amongst others.

As a consequence, the newly appointed or elected Senators will be required to make a choice between the mandate of Senator and the incompatible office they held until the election.

The commissions are constituted to represent the political coloration of the Senate that has seven political parties represented.

Composition of the Commissions

The CPDM party that has the highest number of Senators also has same in each Commission. The Commissions A and B each has 22 CPDM Senators, 02 SDF Senators and 01 Senator NUDP.

MDR senator, Dakolé Daïssala completes the list of Commission C while CPDM and SDF maintain same numbers of representatives.  The fourth commission, D has 21 senators from the CPDM and a senator each from the SDF, UPC, NSFC and ANDP.

Rules of the Senate

The composition of the compatibility audit commission was set up in accordance to Article 9 of the Rules of the Upper House of Parliament. The members were elected through a secret list poll as provided by law.

Then, each Commission elected a president, a vice-president and two secretaries.  In addition, they nominate a senator to serve as rapporteur.

The same article 9 paragraph 2 stipulates that each verification commission has 72 hours to draw up a report. The four commissions will last only the period of the legislature.

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