West Region: Calm returns to GBHS Mbouda after student riots

Calm has returned to the Government Bilingual High School, GBHS Mbouda, West Region after an intense riot by students seeking the reimbursement for a 3,000 CFA francs paid-in for extra classes.

The protest began within the campus and later to the streets when school authorities failed to schedule classes paid for.

The protesting students felt exasperated after it was realised that no official text authorises payment for extra classes.

With the feeling that they were being exploited, the students directed insults at the school administration as they matched carrying banners.

Some of the banners read “REIMBURSE OUR MONEY,” “No Money No School.’’

As the protesting crowd grew bigger, the forces of law and order succeeded in containing the protesting students though they kept on with the demand for reimbursement.

Speaking off the record, some teachers agreed that the new principal of the college Mr. Yemene imposed the payment of extra tuition.


Other sources attributed a similar malpractice in 2016 to the Principal who was then  Vice Principal of Mongo Joseph High School Douala.

Although relative calm has returned to the school, students and staff of Government Bilingual High School Mbouda are expecting the Ministry of Secondary Education to react to the situation which has created a tensed atmosphere in the school.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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