Yaoundé Mfoundi Market: Failed Garbage disposal system becomes disturbing

Hips of dirt and overflowing dumpsters is what welcome every passer-by at the Mfoundi market.The number of garbage mountains appears to increase every day.

The situation is now disturbing to the customers and even more worrying to the vendors who spend long hours in the market.

The dirt that gradually crawls into the sidewalks of the market now occupy market space.

It is now too evident that vendors and garbage compete for space.

This continuous exposure to rotting waste has become a serious cause for concern.

“We don’t know what to do anymore with the hips of dirt that keep on piling in areas around the Mfoundi Market. What have we done to deserve this treatment from the hygiene and sanitation company Hysacam?

Why should this company continued to give a blind eye to the mountains of dirt that will soon choke us here.”

The President of the Mfoundi Market Buyam Sellam Association, Ngeni Julienne vented her outrage over the increasing poor hygienic conditions.


Faced with the worsening situation, an association called the Volunteers for Development Association has been created within the market.

Working in association with the association of Buyam Sellams, efforts are made to clean the market in the mornings before the daily activities begin.

The Yaounde City Council has lauded the initiative and provided a minimum package as encouragement.

The Volunteers for Development Association however complain that the present efforts are meaningless if the dumpster trucks do not empty the bins.

The Sundays that Hysacam has traditionally kept aside for cleaning and garbage disposal is no longer respected.

The situation is made worst as the flooding water from the rains carry waste into stores and stands.

The Mfoundi Market is renowned for the sales of fresh fruits and vegetables among other food stuff.

Many customers of the market have now disserted Mfoundi for fear of infections.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie


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