World Press Freedom Day: CAMASEJ targets aspiring journalists

The Yaounde chapter of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists , CAMASEJ has commemorated the 2018 world Press freedom day with special focus on aspiring journalists.
This year’s commemoration held on the theme ” keeping power in check: Media, Justice and the rule of Law”.

Amongst the association’s activities was a strategic visit to the Oxford Comprehensive High School Yaounde and English High School Scalom.Members of CAMASEJ gave Educative talks on key professional issues to the aspirants.The talks were delivered by three English speaking journalists ;
# Tabe Enohnchong
# Yerima Kini Nsom
# Comfort Musa

On World Press Freedom Day, tribute is paid to media professionals who died in line of duty.According to the international Federation of Journalists IFJ, thirty -two journalists have been killed as at May 2018.Media rights groups affirm that more than 2500 journalists have been killed since 1990.

Reacting to the upsurge in violence against media professionals, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guteress stated;
“On World Press Freedom Day, I call on governments to strengthen Press Freedom and to protect journalists. Promoting a free press is standing up for our rights”.

Journalists continue reflections on press freedom, and call on governments to refrain from harassments, unjust detentions, killings and attacks.

Kathy Neba Sina

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