Road Safety: National Road Council takes prevention fight to new dimension

The first film competition on road safety has been sheduled for 12-14th June 2018 in Yaounde .
The National Road Council made the announcement on 15th May during a press Conference.

The competition is spearheaded by a Non-governmental organization, Promo Cemac with support from the President of the National Road Council, Prime Minister Philemon Yang.

The competition for adults and children is the latest measure put in place to curb road accidents in sub Saharan Africa.All contenders will be expected to present films that expose the dangers of the following;
# Wrong Overtaking and parking
# Clandestine Parking
# Overloading
# use of phones during driving
# Drunk driving
# Car servicing

The organisers are expecting the films to be original, educative and should fit into one of these seven categories;
# Reports
# Documentary
# Fiction
# Animation
# Innovation on Road Safety
# Communication, Campaign and Sensitization
# Films for the young, by the young.

After the jury must have assessed the work presented, the winners will be entitled to
the following Prizes;

# Grand Prize
# Jury’s prize
# Special youth Prize
# Best documentary
# Best Animation
# Best Report
# Best Innovation

Producers who will be taking part in the competition have been given the latitude to compete in all the categories . The official selection has been slated for 6th June 2018.

Facts on Road Safety

According to statistics from the National Road Council, road accidents account for 1.5 million deaths in the world yearly.
In Africa, road accidents affect 50% of the population and consume two percent of its national budget.

Faced with such damaging effects, the government of Cameroon in collaboration with other actors in the road safety campaign have intensified the fight in recent years.

These efforts have been relatively positive bringing down the rate of accidents to 32% during the past five years.Government however, is resolved to curb the rate of  road accidents  by 50% by 2020, with the implementation of a variety of road safety measures.

Kathy Neba Sina

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