Higher Education: Students face experts for best professional options.

The Ministry of Higher Education has organised an Academic and Professional Training Forum in Yaounde.The forum which is holding at the Yaounde Multi Purpose Sports Complex has as  theme “Academic and Professional orientation at the dawn of the fusion of knowledge and digital economy”.

Under the Chairmanship of Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo, students from the eight state universities, private higher institutions and parastatals are facing experts to discuss the best academic options.

The forum is an annual event, but this edition brings to the limelight digital economy as an incubator for jobs.

Objectives of the Career Forum

Exchanges between students and facilitators are based more on individual skills than academic qualification.Aspirants, university students and graduates have an opportunity to get career counseling , internship opportunities and job offers based on their acquired skills.

The forum has also witnessed some professional structures having presentations tailored to address particular needs of students.

The Academic and Professional Counselling Forum also creates an opportunity for aspirants to learn more about administrative procedures.They are taught how to write CVs, Cover letters and applications that are universally accepted.

The major innovation on the present edition is the creation of a mobile application “Supstudy”.The mobile application has been conceived by the department of Student Assistance and University Welfare of the Ministry of Higher Education.The application enables students to get access to information on any state university or higher institution of learning.

The three-day conference wraps-up on 25th May 2018.


Kathy Neba Sina

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