Higher Education: “Supstudy” conceived to encourage digitalization

The department of Student Assistance and University Studies has conceived a mobile application “supstudy” for university students in Cameroon.

The application was presented to the public during the ongoing academic and career forum chaired by the Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo.

” Supstudy” has been conceived to bridge the existing information gap between students and the institutions.Those interested can now download the mobile application on Playstore on android phones or tablets .

A click on the application opens a window which carries all the state Universities and other Higher institutions of learning.The institutions carry full lists of structures, faculties, departments and courses offered.

Also available are internships and job opportunities offered by universities in Cameroon.”Supstudy” gives students access to information on Higher Education that’s capable of assisting young Cameroonians make informed decisions.A click on “Supstudy”, introduces the user to four main rubriques;
# Welcome
# Institutions
# Training
# message

If,  the user clicks on message, a team of experts will be available to offer information on career orientation .

The “Supstudy” application was conceived to encourage students go more digital at a time when the Head of State makes a gift of computers to University students in Cameroon.

Kathy Neba Sina

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