Stand Together in Adversity

The third term in the current School Year began with some good news for stakeholders in the two sub sectors of education in Cameroon; school bags will be lighter in the 2018/2019 school year as government plans to introduce a one subject textbook policy. More good news this year concerns voters who will be polled in elections before Cameroon hosts the African Cup of Nations  These events are moments during which all Cameroonians together are expected to demonstrate a high sense of unity and purpose, peace and stability on a continent plagued with divisions and unrest. Peter FUL in this write-up says it is more than time all negative forces surrender their arms and promote togetherness.

Cameroon is gradually but surely moving inexorably towards emergence by 2035 and the big question is:
How can we pretend to seek a brighter future for our children and his country when we somehow stubbornly disagree with KOFFI ANNAN, the former Secretary General of the United Nations when he affirms that poverty begins when even one child is denied his or her fundamental right to education?

The gross violations of human and fundamental rights in areas under attack by terrorists and secessionists around the world create the same adverse and calamitous conditions that undermine all efforts to advance the course of democracy, justice, the rule of law and peace in this country.

Indiscriminately, we all are victims of the atrocities committed by those who claim to have a divine calling to correct what they believe are the mistakes or wrongs of those in power and who fortunately, are the custodians of a legitimate mandate won through the ballot box to govern.

The most vulnerable in this senseless gamble include the old left behind in ghost villages and, the young forced out of school and certified as displaced persons in their land of promise or as refugees fleeing from their land of glory.

The one subject-one textbook policy earmarked for the next school year is another timely response the government is bringing to the everyday worries of those educators who have Cameroon and its future at heart. Come to think of the fame and admiration our teachers and Lawyers have earned for their patience and perseverance over the years.

Our enemies in a desperate attempt to disrupt the peace in the Far North Region have received their fair share of an annihilating response that is gradually but surely relegating them to the remote chapters of history books.

The secessionists are showing signs of repentance as many of their disciples seek poetic justice with the ever growing dissensions within their ranks and the determination of a whole nation to uphold and defend its constitution, legal and territorial.

What Way Forward?

The national exhortation not to secede is clear of any political, tribal, ethnic, religious or ideological affinities.

Politicians from both sides of the divide, traditional rulers, religious authorities, the civil society, friends and admirers far and wide are all unanimous that Cameroon is an example to emulate and should remain the peaceful and united entity it has always been.

International institutions including the very respected Commonwealth have all called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in the predominantly English-speaking regions of Cameroon, an appeal reechoed last December by the Right Honorable Patricia Scotland; Secretary General of the organization.

The understanding that our differences or any form of palaver are the realities that make dialogue necessary has always been frontally embraced by the government.

Why We Need to stand Together

The Executive and Legislative branches of government have publicly admitted their respect for diversity and dialogue through the putting in place of specialized institutions such as the Bilingualism and Multicultural Commission, the Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development and the Upper House that oversees local government businesses.

Attempts to disrupt the peace, stability and unity of Cameroon have woefully failed before.

The costly exercise of dealing with firearms in the wrong hands, criminals, rapists and cattle rustlers raiding villages is not unknown to the defense and security forces of this country which have always cut a fine figure professionally.

As they prepare to put up another befitting national day parade this year, trouble-makers are advised to repent, seek a modus Vivendi as the country heads for a secure school year, peaceful elections and a successful final phase of the African Cup of Nations.

The finest Cameroonians are those who stand together in the face of adversity.

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