Wild life: Lioness dies at Mvog Betsi Zoo

An eight year-old lioness  has died at the Mvog Betsi zoo.

The veterinary officer in charge of the lioness says she died of a kidney and liver infection.

The sad story about the Lionesses started on 19th April 2018 when she took ill.Mr. Tende Augustine Ashu, Forestry Engineer and Conservator of Mvog Betsi zoo recounts that the zoo attendants observed she was  weak and suffering from loss of appetite.

Treatment was administered immediately after the veterinary officer Mr, Koti Derrick examined the Lioness.Two days later when it was noticed that her health situation had not improved, the lioness’ blood sample was examined in the laboratory and the results indicated she had kidney and liver problems.

Treatment was re-adapted in line with the diagnosis but her situation kept deteriorating.She  died on 30th April 2018.

Following instructions from the Minister of Forestry and Wild Life, the carcass was destroyed, but the skin reserved to be used for taxidemy.

How the lion got the Mvog Betsi zoo

In 2001, the lioness’ parents were brought in to Cameroon and presented to the Presidential couple.The Lion couple later bore three lions, two females and one male.

The father  lion died shortly after and
in 2014, the lone male offspring died of kidney and liver problems.

The mother Lioness  and kid sister are the survivors of the  family.

 Preventive measures

After the lioness’ death, her cage was disinfected. Blood samples of the two lions left in the zoo are currently being screened.

The administration of the zoo has opted to be proactive, making sure that the surviving lions will not be victims of the same infection.

The Ministry of Forestry and Wild Life has expressed the desire to bring in more animals into the zoo.

Kathy Neba Sina

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