World Environment Day: Government reiterates call for Environmental Protection

Cameroon is observing the 46th edition of the World Environment Day on the theme ” Beating Plastic Pollution”.

Plastic pollution, deforestation and global warming are growing global concerns because of the devastation they cause.Every 5th June, countries sensitize communities on responsible environmental habits.

The government of Cameroon and stakeholders organized a series of events to mark the 2018 World Environment Day.

Government Action

Statistics from the Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development reveal that Cameroon produces15,000tons of household waste daily.At least 5-8% of this quantity is plastic waste.

As part of measures to address this growing environmental threat, the government issued a ban on non-biodegradable plastics in 2014.Shortly after the ban, government embarked on repressive measures that saw large amounts of plastic bags seized.

On the ocassion of the 2018 World Environment Day, the Minister of Environment, Nature protection and sustainable Development, Hele Pierre calls on Cameroonians to use alternative materials to plastic bags.

As part of World Environment Day commemoration, some councils in the west region launched a tree planting campaign.The exercise falls in line with measures put in place by the Ministry of Forestry and Wild Life that crafted a program to plant 120,000 trees yearly.Eleven councils in the West Region have been earmarked to benefit from the sum of 122million for the project.

In Garoua, the regional delegation of the Ministry of Environment,Nature Protection and Sustainable Development  distributed over fifty solar lamps as an alternative source of energy and a means of reducing deforestation.

Kathy Neba Sina

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