FENAC 2018 Bertoua: Organisers highlight Cameroon’s cultural diversity 

The ninth edition of the National Art and Culture Festival FENAC is ongoing in Bertoua, East Region of Cameroon.

Eager and enthusiastic visitors have been streaming into the festival village, marveled by all the displays and exhibitions.
The village has been setup in the Bertoua National School for Youth and Sports, a site that has been totally transformed into an arts and culture arena.

The 2018 FENAC village

The Festival village is carefully designed to enable visitors admire the Cameroonian art and culture in its diversity .
At the entrance of the festival village is the reception and orientation kiosk that readily translates the description of Cameroon as  “Africa in miniature.”
Inside the well crafted space is a blend of cultures representing the four main cultural zones of Cameroon.
The exhibition of photographs  of development  projects depicting  the country’s strive to emergence welcomes the visitors at the entrance of the village.
In close proximity are exhibition stands for craftsmen.
Craftsmen from the ten regions of Cameroon have put a variety of articles on exhibition.
The exhibitions accompany a fashion museum, a melange of the different cultures and tradition.
The colours of the atoghu from the North West region adds colour to the variety of footwear, caps and clothes made from local material including tree backs and animal skin.
A special section at the festival village is reserved for the Bakar pigmies of the East Region.
Visitors admire their huts commonly called  the Mongolu which in part, translates the lifestyle of the people predominantly found in the east region’s forest zone.
The National Arts and Culture Festival in Bertoua has also brought in a host of international exhibitors and visitors.
Benin designers and herbalists for example, have held visitors spellbound with the variety of their offer.
Refugees from the central Africa Republic, many of whom are settled in camps in the East Region are also amongst the exhibitors presenting a variety of articles.
The Arts and Culture Village has an imposing podium at the centre where artists from the different regions entertain the visitors.
Most of these artist have composed special songs bearing messages of peace and social cohesion.
The Art and Culture Festival Village in Bertoua has been described by many as a perfect translation of “vivre ensemble”
Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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