FENAC 2018: traditional dance groups steal the show

FENAC 2018 enters Day 4 in Bertoua this Thursday 19th July 2018.

FENAC 2018
FENAC 2018
The excitement continues with visitors streaming into the festival village attracted by the variety of presentations and displays.
Very remarkable of the different activities is the great performance of traditional groups
Over two hundred traditional dance groups drawn from all 58 Divisions of Cameroon are present at the festival.
Organisers note that the enthusiasm is very unprecedented, an indication of the country’s willingness to remain united in its cultural diversity.

Traditional dances at the festival

The booming sound of different lyrics echo distance away from the esplanade of the FENAC village.
At the approach to the village, the custumes, as varied as the music produced, add more to the show.
Even the rains did not dampen the enthausiasm of beaming crowd.
The Bakar pigmies of the Fang-Beti ethnic group marvelled onlookers with the special hip movement and the vocal sounds created. Their speculiar attire tells the story of a group with strong links to the forest.
The Sudano-Sahel ethnic group predominently of the northern regions has proven to be crowd pullers.
 Through the variety of dance groups, visitors got to learn more about the practices of the people.
The loud drum beats of the Toupouris, the well coordinated
choreography of the Bororos were just few of the many presentations that thrilled visitors.
As one moved onwards, they get attracted by Bafo Mbiambe Maley dance group, one of the many groups representing the Sawas.
The dance steps were special. But the most spectacular was the eating of a live chicken; a ritual which is hard to believe, difficult to explain.
The sights and sound from the grass fielders in the “benskin”, “samba”, “njang”, “mbaglum” and “mbaya” danse of the grassfield cutural zone have placed FENAC 2018 the most memorable in recent time.
The different groups are in competition for first prize and many visitors remain amazed by the great entartainment .
FENAC 2018 is a show of culture, it is a show of custumes even more FENAC has proven to be a show of home produced musical instruments.
The show has been on and Bertoua the East Regional capital has proven to be a great host of the show.
Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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