2018 Presidential Election: Akere Muna unveils the path to a performant government

Akere Muna, the “Now Movement ” candidate for the 2018 presidential election has presented a- fifty- commitment guide on which his presidency will be based.The commitments are contained in a thirteen page document published in the build-up to the election.

Far from being a manifesto, the thirteen page document carries a detailed execution plan of reforms necessary for what he describes as ” the new republic”.

Akere Muna has been inspired by the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM); a mechanism for monitoring governance for African Union ( AU ) member states.

The candidate affirms that only seventeen AU member countries , approximately 23% have successfully completed the self-assessment exercise and peer reviewed program. The states concerned were evaluated by the forum of heads of State and government.

In order to increase participation, the Now Movement presidential candidate and a group of experts identified  some areas where concrete reforms are needed.

The areas grouped under four broad rubriques are;

1 – Democracy, Political Governance and Justice

# A two term presidential mandate of five years each
# Institution of a system where all members of the senate and parliament are elected
# Reduction administration’s influence on the media

2 Governance and Economic Development

# Reduction of number and types of taxes

# Subventions to Cameroonian companies abroad

3. Social Development and Inclusion Plan

# Introduction of a system of parity in government
# Salary increase for teachers
# Creation of schools and hospital within each mile in communities

4. Cameroon in the World

# The institution of dual nationality
# Representation of the diaspora in the National Assembly

Akere Muna argues that the above reforms will uphold values, standards and practices of political/ economic governance.

With these in place, there is also a guarantee of political stability while sub regional and continental growth and integration will be accelerated.


Kathy Neba Sina

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