Cameroonians salute TV debate on Presidential election on CRTV

Viewers of the televised debate on the Presidential elections entitled “Le Grande Debate: 100% Presidentielle” on Tuesday, 21st August 2018 on CRTV has reacted positively to the show.

The weekly live debate that began at 9:05 pm on CRTV was followed by many either on TV or live on Facebook.
Benoit Ndong Soumhet, supporter of the candidacy of Paul Biya and adviser of the Secretary General of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement party, CPDM Member of the Central Committee of the CPDM debated against Cabral Libii, presidential candidate invested by the UNIVERS party and promoter of the eleven million Citizen Movement.

During the clash of ideas and confrontation of political ideologies, viewers also shared their opinions and points of view on the social media. Some viewers expressed the wish to see the CPDM presidential candidate and incumbent on the take part in the televised debate.

Other viewers saluted the debate adding that the youths need to know the political agenda of the different candidates and their projects for the development of the country in order to make informed choices.

Marius Etingue, in an online question requested clarification on the candidates’ views on the possibility of harmonises the educational systems and levels in the Anglophone and Francophone Sub systems on educations. He also wanted that debaters to proposes solutions to overcrowded school in urban centres.

View also expressed the wish to hear the candidates present clears arguments on the positions on the form of the state, employment, industrialisation and foreign policy.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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